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Rethinking the Corporate Space

The traditional corporate office is changing into a truly connected workplace; globalization makes it easier to do business and South Louisiana businesses need a competitive edge.

With that globalization comes mobility. Employees today are not all working the same and with that, the workplace needs to inspire productivity while catering to different work styles. The key today in the corporate world is to attract, engage, and retain talent. This can be achieved by a well designed work environment that supports its employees as well as the flow of information and collaboration.

Successful workspace environments help employees enjoy their jobs and increase productivity. With our expertise and your employees in mind, your corporate environment can thrive. We've done this before. We can do it for you. How about we get together and talk?

Private Office
The private office still serves as a common solution to the modern work environment. Maximizing space has become both a challenge and a necessity. Our goal is to provide you with both the expertise and products to create a private office that can increase productivity and efficiency. A.D. Wynne Co. offers a wide variety of solutions including desking, storage, seating and organizational tools. We know that aesthetics are just as important as function; so whether you want something sleek and modern, or something more traditional, we can provide you with the right solution.

Open Plan-Systems
Real estate in today's work environment is shrinking, but companies are still expanding. This poses a great challenge that needs to be met with smart solutions. Successful open-plan designs can be achieved through smart planning. The use of visually light weight products creates an open-air environment that both maximizes your square footage and provides employees with an adequate amount of work space. Our design team has the knowledge and creativity to develop an intelligent and functional answer to all of your workplace issues.

Reception & Waiting
The atmosphere of your waiting area is just as important as your offices and conference rooms. Lounge pieces that are both comfortable and flexible can help create a relaxing yet sophisticated environment where it is a pleasure to wait. Every waiting space has different requirements regarding durability, seating quantities and aesthetics. A.D. Wynne Co. carries a wide selection of appropriate solutions for your space, including reception desks and task seating.

Conference & Training
Conference rooms are vital to the work environment. They serve as both a hosting room to clients and a collaborative place to host meetings. Conference tables often need to house power and data for laptops, but still need to be aesthetically pleasing. Our large selection of tables, credenzas and media carts allows you create a conference room capable of hosting small meetings or larger visual presentations.

Training rooms need to have configuration flexibility; through the use of stackable chairs and nesting tables, a multi-functional space can be created. A.D. Wynne Co. can provide you with products that meet all of your conference and training needs.

Collaborative Spaces
Studies have shown the benefit to interactive, collaborative settings in the corporate world. Accompanied by technology growth, international offices and rapid- growing employment, most offices require numerous collaborative spaces for teaming efforts. Promote dynamic, interactive relationships in your office through the use of well-designed, user-friendly products. A.D. Wynne Co. sells products that will address all of your needs for collaborative spaces. The result will be more productive and energetic collaboration sessions, as well as higher levels of performance from your team. We can provide you with the products that can help you help your team.

Laboratory Solutions
Laboratories and research areas often require long work hours that can be physically tolling on employees. Ergonomic task seating and stools can prevent physical discomfort, resulting in more productivity and energy. Resilient materials and fabrics also provide the durability needed for more active spaces. A.D. Wynne Co. also understands that laboratories need storage and flexibility. We can provide you with storage solutions that are durable and reconfigurable. Modularity guarantees consistent, quality construction and can be the appropriate answer to a variety of designs. Our design team will work with you to comprehend how your lab works and how it may need to change for the future.

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