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The New Learning Environment

The average classroom no longer consists solely of wooden desks, tables, and chairs. Faculty and students have greater expectations regarding their educational experience. Technology is at the center of it all and the modern classroom must adapt to meet their changing needs.

We've learned what it takes to create great spaces and experiences for students, faculty, and administrations. Educational demands are unique, and A.D. Wynne Co. is dedicated to creating your progressive learning environment. Our design team will collaborate with you to address your current needs by providing you with products that will evolve along with your teaching methods.

The right solution is here. We can find it together.

Classrooms vary in function and need to accommodate different teaching methods. Some teaching methods are more traditional and require desks with tablet arms, but some are more interactive and need to be mobile and reconfigurable. A.D. Wynne Co. has furniture for every classroom, auditorium, cafeteria and staff area. Our product lines include options for younger students as well as high school students. Besides traditional desks, tables and chairs, our team can provide you with the tools to transform the classroom into a fully interactive, technologically savvy learning space.

Higher Education
Colleges and universities don't limit learning to the classroom or lecture hall anymore; studying occurs in student centers, computer labs, hallways, libraries, and social spaces. The result is a need for a variety of furniture that is conducive to different study environments. Our offerings include lounge pieces with tablet arms, tables and seating with power and data, as well as other instruments that can be used inside the classroom. Interactive whiteboards, mobile lecterns and media carts support modern teaching methods and technology for both small classrooms and large lecture halls. Your college or university can have spaces that are youthful, intuitive, and most importantly, favorable learning environments for students and faculty.

Laboratory Solutions
The laboratory setting at a college or university receives a great amount of use and in turn, must be outfitted with durable products. Computer labs, science labs, and other educational labs also require adequate amounts of storage for supplies and equipment. A.D. Wynne Co. has modular casegood products that not only meet, but exceed these necessities. What they offer is a solution that is adaptable to the growth of your space. Solid surface worksurfaces can ensure that the products sustain the everyday abuse of student use. Ergonomic seating and support tools also contribute to a comfortable environment that harbors learning and teamwork. Our team can assist you in creating a laboratory that is both state of the art and flexible.

Collaborative Technology
Many educators find a strong value in the concept of collaborative learning, which is not just limited to students pulling their desks together to work on a project. It also includes the sharing of information, ideas and discussions in an efficient method and with larger groups. Technology has become a vital tool in collaboration; it supports learning and it will keep your university or college ahead of the rest. A.D. Wynne Co. understands the competitive edge that universities and colleges want. We have electronic whiteboards, workstations that support multiple personal computers, videoconferencing technologies and other tools to help your students excel. There are great opportunities to test drive many of these products, allowing students and faculty to experience them hands on. The ideal collaborative environment should be able to match current and future technology; with our expertise, your collaborative academic setting will do just that.

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