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Great Government Solutions

Creating a successful government project requires a great deal of experience and knowledge. There are many factors that affect the final result: availability and variety of products, cost efficiency, project timeline, and standard protocol, just to name a few.

As a proud service provider of Louisiana State and GSA contracts, A.D. Wynne Co. is extremely familiar with government and military workplace solutions. With our broad range of experience, both on the local and national level, our solutions offer your business unmatched value. Our GSA sales and design team has a firm understanding of protocol and efficiency to get the job completed.

We understand the special demands of government projects. Put us to work for you.

Louisiana State Contract
When it comes to purchasing from Louisiana State Contract, having the most update information and variety of products is key. A.D. Wynne Co. works closely with different manufacturers that are available on the contract to provide you with aggressive pricing and quality control for your particular project. State Contract includes design, delivery, and installation costs, all the while offering you a wide breadth of product. Some of the items available on State Contract are panel systems, ergonomic seating, wood desking solutions, conference room furniture, guest seating, storage and tables. The State Contract is often updated, so contact us for a complete, up-to-date list of products and manufacturers that are part of the Louisiana State Contract.

National Joint Powers Alliance
National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) gives local government entities competitively bid pricing for contract furniture. A.D. Wynne Co. works with different manufacturers that participate in the NJPA Purchasing Agreement, providing a wider breadth of product than what Louisiana State Contract may offer. Qualifying entities include cities, counties/parishes, municipalities, special districts, vocational schools, K-12 educational facilities, and non-profits (excluding healthcare facilities). A major benefit of partnering with this particular contract is that there is no cost, liability or obligation to participate. Also, since the pricing is at a competitively bid level, there is no need to use a formal bid process for your project.

Purchasing products at the national level can be a tedious process. A.D. Wynne Co.'s experience in GSA projects means that we can make the process of ordering furniture a smooth one. We work closely with multiple manufacturers to offer a wide variety of products, ranging from corkboards and electronic white boards to conference rooms and office suites furniture. Having access to numerous manufacturers ensures that we can be competitive with pricing, allowing us to maximize your budget. Service and repair work are also part of our GSA capabilities. So even if new furniture is not part of your budget, we can work with you in creating new solutions with your existing furniture.

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