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Healing environments benefit patients, visitors, and staff.

Healthcare facilities need to support a healing environment for patients, visitors, and staff. The competition for hospitals has increased, raising the bar for what patients expect in the line of care. It is important that your healthcare facility can stand above the growing competition.

A.D. Wynne Co. understands your desire to create an inspiring, healing environment that is stylish yet functional and durable. From planning to design, our healthcare furniture solutions can help you improve the effective delivery of care.

We don't just design better spaces. We create better experiences with them. Let us show you how.

Caregiver Solutions
Patients are the biggest priority to caregivers; it is vital that they have the best tools possible to provide their patients with the best care possible. A.D. Wynne Co. will take the time to understand how the caregiver team works, allowing us to find a solution that will help them work as efficiently as possible. Our products address some serious issues of the healthcare environment: durability, ergonomics, infection control, efficiency and adaptation to technology, to name a few. We strive to improve the healthcare experience, and not just for the patient, but also for the caregivers who dedicate their efforts to others.

Patient Solutions
Hospitals and clinical settings can be stressful situations for patients and their families. Because of this, the environment that surrounds a patient needs to be one that is calming, comfortable and free of excessive stressors. Different procedural spaces call for different furniture, and A.D. Wynne Co. recognizes the importance of finding appropriate solutions. Our portfolio of capabilities covers a wide variety of spaces including patient rooms, consultation rooms, exam rooms, and oncology bays. The comfort and healing of patients is the most important part of healthcare; we can provide you with furniture to ease any patient's healthcare experience.

Laboratory Solutions
Healthcare laboratories and technology are always evolving and adaptability is key. Every laboratory team has to perform a variety of tasks including individual tasks, teaming scenarios and research. A.D. Wynne Co. has solutions that address all of these settings, as well as products that address ergonomics and infection control. Our modular casework suits an ever-changing environment and also meets tight project timelines with quicker installation than traditional millwork. Our task seating, computer support tools and adjustable-height tables suit the needs of individual lab workers. We can assist you in creating a lab that is functional, flexible and safe.

Lobby / Waiting Areas
Hospital lobbies and waiting rooms need to be comfortable since many times patients or their families spend long amounts of time in the space. Technology access has also become popular to accommodate people using laptops and charging cell phones. A.D. Wynne Co. has products that suit these needs and are both beautiful and functional. Our portfolio of products specifically for healthcare settings includes bariatric seating, occasional tables, café tables and chairs, literature displays, receptacles and infection prevention centers. Together, we can create a lobby or waiting room that is comfortable, accommodating and enjoyable.

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