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Hospitality: Accommodating The Traveler

The hospitality market is extremely competitive and hotels want an edge to keep guests coming back. In order to attract and retain guests, hotels are offering more luxuries and accommodations that appeal to a wider variety of users. Lobbies, cafes, guest rooms and other spaces must be flexible and outfitted with furniture that is multifunctional. In more recent years surveys and studies have shown that a large percentage of guests travel as business professionals. It is extremely important that this type of hotel guest has access to technology throughout their stay. Hotels are always looking for methods to improve their current environments, which ultimately will give them an edge over their competition.

A.D. Wynne Co. understands that hotels pride themselves on having stylish, impactful spaces. Together we can make certain that each area has the furniture that reflects the interior aesthetic of your hotel. Selections can be multifunctional, edgy, traditional, promote collaboration or house power and data connections. Our wide offerings will impress you and your guests. Let's create your ideal hotel.

The lobby serves as the "hub" of a hotel; it is the center of a great deal of activity. Guests are checking in, relaxing in the lobby or working on their laptops. Hotels want to cater to each type of guest. The recreational guest wants a lobby that is comfortable and energetic; the business traveler wants a lobby that offers access to wi-fi and power access for mobile technologies. A.D. Wynne Co. carries lobby furniture for every function and aesthetic. Our casework options serve as reception desks and many lounge pieces have power access capabilities. Flexible furniture arrangements help create small gathering spaces with a relaxed ambience, but purposeful function. Let the lobby be the energetic attraction of your hotel.

Lounges, Bars, Cafes, And Dining
Lounges, cafes and dining spaces reflect the ambience of the other areas of the hotel. Beautiful, durable and functional furniture help define these spaces and invite patrons to relax and enjoy themselves. Our breadth of product includes dining chairs, tables, stools, dining booths, and café /bar height tables. A wide selection of finishes and materials will ensure that the furniture for these areas will compliment the overall design concept. A.D. Wynne Co. is eager to work with you or your designer to make the proper selections for your space.

Guest Room
Guests stay at hotels for many different reasons; some are on vacation, while others are traveling on business. Whatever the reason is for one's traveling, the guest room has to serve a dual purpose as both a place of respite and a place to get work completed. We can outfit your guest room from top to bottom with everything from casework, desks and task chairs to mattresses, lamps, mirrors and accessories. A.D. Wynne Co. understands that the comfort of your guests is of the utmost importance. We will work with you to ensure that your guests feel right at home in their room.

Outdoor Spaces, Courtyards And Pools
Hotels often have guest luxuries such as pools, outdoor lounges, or courtyards. Furniture for these spaces must be durable and able to sustain prolonged exposure to the elements. A.D. Wynne Co. has a wide variety of outdoor furniture solutions including lounge furniture, stools, tables, receptacles, benches, planters, umbrellas, dining tables with connected seating and bike racks. These selections have been created specifically for outdoor spaces; their durability and design aesthetic will help make your outdoor spaces as unique as your interiors.

Conference, Meeting Spaces & Business Centers
Hotels are able to accommodate different types of business travelers, ranging from individual users to large gatherings. Conferences require the flexibility to arrange the space to suit the user groups' needs. Stackable, nesting, and folding furniture that can be easily transported with or without the use of carts helps make rearranging and storing unused furniture easier. Meeting spaces and business centers do not necessarily require as much flexibility, but may have more technological, collaborative, or ergonomic needs. Guests may host meetings that entail teleconferencing so it is vital that they are able to access a user-friendly work area without any complications. A.D. Wynne Co. has experience with creating unique business spaces that are both functional and handsome.

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